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Regional monopoly Luyisi doors and Windows in each city only authorize an agent, absolutely guarantee the interests of the agent, and Luyisi Windows and doors brand awareness, the absolute price advantage, and reliable product quality, this is the most competitive business agent.


Reliable product quality Luyisi door useful professional product research and development team, proficient in every detail, doors and Windows structure at the time of the product development is good to avoid the some shortages existing products on the market, to mute the sound insulation property, prevent cold heat insulation performance and better waterproof and wind resistance, products more durable and beautiful.


The operation mode of the mature Luyisi doors and Windows with good operational mechanism, advanced management and rich marketing experience, the company take big market, small profit strategies to increase market share, at the same time with high quality products, reasonable price and good service to promote the market visibility and reputation of the Luyisi doors and Windows.


Strong advertising support Company consists of brand Marketing Department, responsible for brand building doors, Windows, Luyisi from newspapers, magazines, television, and the exhibition network all-round expansion, vertical brand publicity, at the same time according to the market demand, design and form a complete set of brochures and advertising shop, for dealers to provide long-term strong advertising.


New store opening full support Luyisi doors and Windows in the resource sharing, cooperation and win-win business purposes, for franchisees to provide professional management guidance and training, the entire opening of guidance to the joining trader, reduce the time of the joining trader mode and cost.


Preferential order support Luyisi doors and Windows to ensure the profit of each franchisees and word of mouth, the maximum guarantee price advantage at the same time also ensure customer completion date the stability of the propulsion and the stability of product quality, let developers easily make money.

  • The 6063 - T5 aluminum high precision level; Special HuoDongJiao code connection, can make the profiles splicing flatness error is less than 0.2 mm; European import hardware, lock, more effectively prevent the fog haze, dust into the interior.

  • Aluminum multiple cavity insulation broken bridge structure, has the very good compressive strength of aluminous material itself, the bending capacity, cooperate the design standard doors and Windows, supplemented by the specification operation, on-site installation to ensure that you and your family safe.

  • Using high precision grade aluminum, with high-precision processing equipment, make window frame processing precise dimension, cooperate closely, form a complete set of high quality sealing strip, standard of form a complete set of multi-point lock hardware system, with strict dust prevention effect.

  • With hollow glass, hollow glass is made of high quality butyl rubber, silicone structural adhesive for double seal, adopt continuous bending hollow aluminum every article, every article filled molecular sieve, internal temperature difference of moisture absorption of hollow glass.

  • Heat insulation broken bridge aluminum multiple cavity structure, has the very good sound insulation effect of aluminous material itself, with inert gas with high quality hollow glass quality EPDM seal strip for effective seal.

  • Aluminum using isostatic principle design, opened doors and Windows processing of drain and set aside, in the corner connection and waterproof leakage Ting tenon parts, and with the high quality EPDM seal strip seal.

  • With European import hardware, lock point adopts the roller type mushroom head, clamping type lock is fit to use, can prevent outside raising with damage, fixed glass part and door window glass door and an between the screen can be equipped with necessary protection.

  • Article adopt multi-cavity structure heat insulation broken bridge aluminum, heat insulation adopts the international standard of PA66 nylon material, has good heat insulation function, supporting use of low radiation glass insulating glass.

  • Use multiple EPDM sealing strip, using high precision grade aluminum, form a complete set of high quality multi-point lock hardware, make excellent sealing performance of door window whole, Luyisi air-tightness avenue national standard level 7 doors and Windows products.

  • Aluminum excellent supporting structure, the door window frame and wall body compacted fill gaps between the foaming agent, flexible connection with wall body, has form at the bottom of the buffer between window frame and glass block, glass and window frames between suspension strip.

  • Decorate a subsidy

    Can enjoy highest 360 yuan/square meters storefront renovation subsidies, one-time offset payment

  • Unified store image

    Free professional uniform commercial brand and a full range of enterprise vi visual system, and unified store image design file, inside and outside the professional construction management support

  • Chaining operation

    Chaining operation, standardized terminal stores, through the analysis and evaluation, is tailored for napa stores, late for business planning

  • Promotional support

    Establish official brand network promotion platform, online promotion through various channels, improve brand awareness and bring more customers

  • Training support

    Louise business school with an external expert advisory group, system help buy stores, placing orders, planning, sales process

  • Sales support

    Louise headquarters Marketing Department, the supervision department, the terminal design for all kinds of sales promotion strategy and execution support landing, comprehensive services to dealers

  • Operations support

    For franchisees to provide all kinds of actual investment budget analysis, let franchisees have sufficient basis, reduce the investment risk, ensure the investment returns

  • After-sales support

    3 years free warranty, life-long maintenance, 24 hours free service hotline 400

  • Planning service

    Store opening ceremony, planning the daily sales activities, and storage of all kinds of brand and customer activities

  • Advertising support

    According to the actual market development and customer, all kinds of advertising support, expand brand awareness, lead to offline customers

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